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Everything philosophy has tried to teach me, I believe
all I had to make was mistakes
‘cause our life’s like a book our own personal look
we keep writing though the world says erase.
So I’ll amend my regrets, mark over my secrets
for all the things I still have to lose.
Yeah, but no one knows this context
you are all just mislead, realizing I’ve got nothing to prove.

You can’t lie to me - no, I can simply bend and pretend it to be what I need.

This night is burning like a cigarette that is resting on my grandma’s lips
I would be obliged for her advice.
Bring back the simple and true, bring back the western in you
any good thought is worth thinking twice.
So I’ve been smiling at the stars while I’m stumbling out of bars
sometimes last call even takes way my feet.
I see all my losses in the sky, and I know more will come tonight
my victories I can still keep.

You can’t lie to me - no I can twist and turn the valleys and the alleys to point back toward my beliefs (x2)

So I’ve been trusting like a candidate that has all but lost his relevance
in a world where he was nearly the king.
From a million smiling faces to the one his shadow chases
broken mirrors still are able to see.
You know it’s times like this I come to grips that everybody’s full of shit
cynical like this old man I am.
Here I’m racing to my heartbeat while the future’s got me panicking
I would fire if I could steady my hands.

You can’t lie to me - I can redesign the caverns, use the lanterns to find my beliefs
You can’t lie to me - I hear your incoherent mumbling and there’s nothing that I”m picking up as truth (x3)


from In the Presence of the Kingdom, released July 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Logan Vath Norfolk, Virginia

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